Thoughts on International students

I have recently been involved in recruiting for a mentoring project to pair up an international student with a home student to support both students in academic writing. What a fascinating experience, it really challenged my ideas about the rather simplistic differences between the two. Yes there is a clear distinction in terms of fees paid but life and identity are never that simple.

What if you were born in Europe but have lived in the UK and consider yourself a home student? What about your language? Is English your first or second (or third, fourth etc.) language? And therefore what support do you require and how will it differ based on cultural and linguistic considerations. Someone used to British culture would presumably feel less of a shock coming to a UK university that someone who arrives in the UK immediately prior to their study? What is interesting is that it is not as simple as I had initially thought. This would then suggest to me the merits of the idea of being as inclusive as possible in our practice. Being inclusive is good for everyone. So I am very much looking forward to the project and to learning more about internationalisation.