Me Too

It has been a while and I have been thinking about diversity and what topic I can do for my doctorate. Something work-related but also interesting. So what is the title about, well it is that classic saying when you have something in common with  someone you have recently met along the lines of “really, me too!!” It conveys that sense of wow, we have just met, isn’t it amazing we have so much in common. That rather naive human tendency to be so absorbed about ourselves to fail to realise that lots of others are similar to us, share similar values and similar ideas.

Why this thought then? Well I was thinking how interesting the idea of homophily (see here for a good academic article on the topic) is especially in social media. How social media allows us to make these ‘me too’ connections and that the ease at which it happens still seems to take us by surprise. It is great that we can connect with people who share our interests from across the globe but with a diversity hat on it worries me that it just allows us to reinforce our own prejudices and beliefs to the exclusion of other ideas. There are enough people out there who are like you that you can happily ignore anything else and still feel like you are being wonderfully social and open.

What are the implications of this for our offline selves? Do you know of any good articles on the topic? I wonder to what extent online connections made within university communities influences how students now experience university?