Space to Think

I’m supposed to be asleep now but instead I am here. Why? Well because as usual, five seconds after closing my eyes my brain is clamouring to process the day. At Brooke’s we have a new teaching and learning building going up and one of the tag lines is ‘Space to think’. Of course they mean physical space but it is mental space which is even more important.

We seem to have bought into this Anglo-American idea that work is about being busy and being ‘seen’ to be busy. Work is busy-ness! Business is busy-ness! How often do we sit there and just think? I was amazed at how productive my day has been because our team were given ‘permission’ to just think and write without having to do emails or any other task. One colleague noted that it had been a long time since she had just concentrated on one thing, it felt very odd.

So my brain is telling me I need the space to think. My work day demonstrated to me the value of that space. So I better start doing it. My resolution is to create a space to think everyday. I hope you can join me.


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